Region in Corona Australis (NGC 6723, 26, 27 & 29)

APOD 2013-09-12

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Optical train: AP130 EDF GT + AP flattener
Mount: Losmandy G11
Guiding: SMC Takumar 67 f/4 200mm guidescope + Lifecam Cinema + PHD
Camera: Canon 1000D (modded and peltier cooled)
Frames: 25 lights 5 min. ea. @iso1600, calibrated with 200 bias, 20 darks and 30 flats.
Processing: PI 1.8 + Photoshop + Canon DPP
Date: 2013-08-30
Place: San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Seeing & transparency: very good/very good (rural skies)

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